Prairie Woods Golf Course :: Annual Teeing Off Event


Who are we Teeing Off for this year?

Our first annual Teeing Off Event was such a success.  Our Assistant Superintendent, Luke Slater, and his wife were expecting their first child March of 2017.  To their surprise, Jackson Thomas came into the world three months earlier than expected.  December 15th, 2016 was the day that started a new battle to face.  Being so early, Jackson weighed in at 1lb 10oz and had a long road ahead of him with being so underdeveloped.  Being in the hospital for over four months, undergoing surgeries and building strength had taken a toll on the family.  Having this event in honor of Jackson was so meaning to our Prairie Woods Family and we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Who are we Teeing Off for this year? 

The event started near and dear to our hearts helping our Assistant Superintendent's son, Jackson.  As a course that was built on a family foundation, we want to extend our helping hand into the community to bring everyone together and help a great cause.  Our goal of helping out a family in need bringing the community together still stands strong.  This four-person team scramble outing will have many options for those to take part in.  From playing in the event, sponsorships, silent and live auctions and much more you can lend a hand to the next friend or family. We want to grow this event into an annual tradition by finding a new friend or family in need.

Do you know someone Prairie Woods should be Teeing Off for?

Whether it is your mother, brother, cousin, daughter or co-worker please tell us their story.  Our Teeing Off event is open to all applicants, so fill out the nomination form found below. We are looking forward to working with you to be a blessing to your friend and family.

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